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"Are you condemning me?
Don’t do that. Do not do that until you have felt a pleasant etch on themucous membrane of your nose. Do not do that until the cocaine has slid down your throat to your esophagus. For you, the sex, for me, back then, the drugs. For you, the whiskey, for me, back then, the drugs. That was my endorphin bomb for me then. And if you condemn me, then condemn yourself, too. Because everyone has that place where they find happiness. Maybe mine was a little more destructive than yours, but that doesn’t give you the right to denounce me or look down on me. That the drugs will destroy me should be my cross to bear.

At PIXXTASY, we pay our respects to the work of the people and organizations who fight 24/7 for those suffering from addiction. Our goal is to start a global movement and support the fight against drugs with $1.000.000!”

The system of PIXXTASY was designed in such a way that 10% of the income from every subsequent sale is collected into an open fund. After selling the NFTs we issue, people donate to charity. Thus, in addition to investing and profiting, our customers make donations to worthy organizations. For every $100K, we give $65K to 11 organizations voted on by our community!

This system is supported by the BE A HEALER program. During the project, we will raffle off 25 limited, exclusive NFTs among those who resell our own NFTs. If you sell our NFT, you will get a new one instead. You can apply for the program after the transaction and after checking your eligibility, you will be included in the HEALER group, among whom we will draw!

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